Monday, December 5, 2016

Auxiliary Units.

This is coolbert:

Gladio stay-behinds British style WW2!

"There Are Hundreds of Secret Underground WWII Bases Hidden in British Forests"

Thanks to the Internet article by Sarah Laskow.

"Built to fight a Nazi invasion, they remained unknown for decades"

Several hundred of these surreptitious and hidden underground bunkers scattered throughout England. Able to accommodate a squad-sized number of troops part and parcel of the Auxiliary Units, irregulars and guerrillas, stay-behinds emerging to wreak havoc on the German invader. This particular image shows the inside of such a bunker under the most ideal of conditions I might assume.

"The Auxiliary Units or GHQ Auxiliary Units were specially trained, highly secret units created by the United Kingdom government during the Second World War, with the aim using irregular warfare to help combat any invasion of the United Kingdom by Nazi Germany . . . the United Kingdom was the only country during the war that was able to create a multi-layered guerrilla and resistance movement in anticipation of an invasion. The Auxiliary Units would fight as uniformed guerrillas during the military campaign, but were not themselves a resistance organization . . . Service in the Auxiliary Units was expected to be highly dangerous, with a projected life expectancy of just 12 days for its members; along with orders to either shoot each other or use explosives to kill themselves if capture by an enemy force seemed likely."

Please do not worry about conditions as they might have been underground. Accommodations sparse, spartan and austere at best BUT THEN YOU WERE NOT EXPECTED TO LAST MORE THAN TWELVE DAYS!


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