Saturday, December 17, 2016


This is coolbert:

An appraisal by Professor Hanson regarding those general officers as to be appointed by President-Elect Trump. Too many??

"Has Trump Nominated Too Many Military Leaders—Or Not Enough?" By Victor Davis Hanson

"Choosing military men for top cabinet spots is not unprecedented, nor is it foolish given how Washington insiders have performed."

"President-elect Donald Trump is being faulted for supposedly appointing too many retired generals to cabinet-level jobs and 'militarizing' the government."

"Former lieutenant general Michael Flynn is slated to be national security adviser. Retired Marine general James Mattis has been nominated as defense secretary. Retired Marine general John Kelly is Trump’s nominee for secretary of homeland security. High-ranking officers such as General David Petraeus and Admiral Michael Rogers have been rumored for other positions in the Trump administration."

. . . .

"The chief complaint about Trump’s appointments is that too many generals will mean too great a likelihood of war. Historical evidence points to the opposite conclusion."

Flag officers [general or admiral] in fact having a demonstrable ability at management, decision making, leadership, a knowledge of subjects at the macro level.

The learning curve for such persons in whatever capacity greatly accelerated by that degree of experience decades in the making?


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