Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Type 26.

This is coolbert:

More from WIZARD thanks and through Harry at Sharkhunters.

British Royal Navy [RN] stuff this time.

Warships armed to the teeth but without teeth?

"EMPTY MISSILE TUBES – Still happening England; the Type 26 Frigate fleet will be armed with Sea Ceptor [Sea Captor, CAMM] missiles with additional types to be carried decided at a later date. 'A navy programme to build a fleet of new warships at a cost of £8bn [$11 billion USD] it emerged the ships would have missile-launching tubes — but Britain has no missiles to fire from them.'”

Type 26 STILL will have considerable armaments even minus CAMM? A variety of anti-ship missiles and a naval gun of the five inch [127 mm] variety. Sea Captor is strictly [?] surface-air?

RN personnel however will now be able to wear the high-neck sweaters off-duty now?


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