Saturday, March 9, 2019


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The future is now!

As extracted from the original article by begins some items of interest.

Weapons of the science-fiction variety hardly science-fiction.

"11 real-life sci-fi weapons that are the future of war"

"Technology has drastically changed the way we wage war in the modern world. The days of two masses of humanity standing in parallel lines and charging at each other have been replaced by asymmetric deployments, cyber attacks, and guerrilla warfare."

* Thunder generator.

"It has already been used by Israel’s military for a few years now as a deterrent weapon and was originally used to scare birds away from crops. It fires shock waves into the air and is a force strong enough to knock targets back and deafen people who are 100 feet away"

Gulls at a garbage dump scared away [at least temporarily by the thunder generator. Israeli Air force [IAF] having more planes brought down by BASH incident than by combat with an enemy!!

Fish-eating birds devouring prey at an aqua-culture fish bond scared away they thunder generator.

Thunder generator used at close range against a cardboard box. Would make the target uncomfortable I am sure but is not lethal nor causing debilitating injury.

Hardly at this exact moment the "thunder" generator a weapon of war except in the most peripheral manner. Not able to stun or kill an adversary, turning the foe on the battlefield to mush on the inside.

At least not yet!


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