Tuesday, March 5, 2019


This is coolbert:

Terminate with extreme prejudice! Kill!

From WIZARD through Harry at Sharkhunters.

The English army has just won the war?

1. "BAD COMPLEXIONS…..OUT! - Over 14,000 British Army applicants are said to have been declined for having acne and minor food allergies over the course of the last couple of years, in line with strict Ministry of Defence [MoD] rules."

2. "BRITISH ARMY DRASTIC FORCE REDUCTION - The British Army is reportedly facing cuts that would see it reduced to numbers last seen more than 200 years ago. Three funding plans drawn up by military bigwigs have been described by a Whitehall source. The proposed plans include cutting the army by 11,000 soldiers, [additionally] giving 2,000 Royal Marines and sailors the boot."

3. "NO MORE FRIENDLY FIRE? - British troops will soon wear new ‘Terminator’ kit that tracks their location and that of the enemy in a move that will ‘revolutionise’ urban warfare and help prevent accidental deaths."

"Soldiers will use lasers on their weapons and audio sensors to share the location of enemy fighters firing at them with the rest of their unit so they can kill them quicker without being seen."


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