Wednesday, March 27, 2019


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Here with extracts from an article as seen at the Internet web site Strategy Page. Title of blog entry in large measure as shamelessly copied.

"India-Pakistan: Weapons Of Mass Distraction"

1. Regarding the first-use of atomic munitions "low-threshold" of the Pakistani military during a time of war with India.

"Pakistan now insists it would only use its nukes if there were a major non-nuclear Indian attack/invasion of Pakistan. At the same time, the Pakistani military (which currently controls many senior elected officials) insists any such conventional attack would fail."

See the previous blog entry that "low-threshold" as defined!

2. Erasing India 

"India has not been forgotten by the Chinese. Recently Chinese customs officials discovered a shipment of 30,000 world maps being exported by a Chinese printer to a foreign customer. The maps were seized and destroyed when it was discovered that the maps showed the northeastern Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh as part of India. China demands that all maps used or produced in China show Arunachal Pradesh as 'Southern Tibet' and part of China. Same with Taiwan, which is also considered another prodigal province".

See previous blog entries the topic disputed sovereignty as defined by maps, coinage, paper currency, television weather broadcast insets, passports:


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