Monday, March 4, 2019


This is coolbert:

Within context to the previous blog entry and from a conversation [edited to an extent at my discretion] with an acknowledged aviation authority:

"When I flew Fox 4s [Phantom F-4], I weighed 143 lbs. [sixty-five kilo grams stripped as they say sans equipment] — every day for the entire time I flew. But weight wasn’t a factor for the lightweights amongst us, as the survival gear [during combat air missions] we always wore added significantly to our weight. When I weighed myself fully equipped for a combat mission, I tipped the scales at 205 lbs. [ninety-five kilo grams]. Stateside, where I didn’t carry so [much survival gear] . . . my weight in the US minus all that [impedimenta] was probably only around 160-170 lbs. [seventy-five kilo grams]."

Survival gear as noted during combat air missions to include:

* Survival handguns + ammo for same.
* Grenades.
* Knives.
* Rations.
* Medical gear.
* Survival radios and batteries for same.

Those persons overweight the solution for the "patient" under the care of a military medical professional to subsist on a controlled diet of three hard-boiled eggs per day all the while drinking copious amounts of water. Weight reduction fast!

And thank you acknowledged aviation authority. You input greatly appreciated.


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