Wednesday, March 27, 2019


This is coolbert:

ARNG =  Army National Guard [USA].

From the Internet web site Small Wars Journal and thanks to same:

"National Guard Changes Logo Due to Failure of American Education System"

"On March 25th [2019], the National Guard Bureau officially announced new branding for recruiting. The traditional 'Minuteman' logo will no longer appear on recruiting materials. It was reported that the image did not 'resonate' with 16-18-year-old high school students because of lack of knowledge of the historic symbol. Concerns were also expressed that iconic figure from American history wasn’t 'inclusive.' Furthermore, due to 'no tolerance' policies concerning the display of images of firearms in schools, the traditional Minuteman logo could not be displayed due to inclusion of an 18th century flintlock rifle. Now the National Guard will be represented by a lackluster shield shaped black logo with white and gold lettering. The new recruiting videos will focus primarily on the National Guard’s domestic mission of natural disaster relief."

Branding! Knowledge! Image! Domestic!

The kinder and gentler fighting force. The Minuteman of 1776 the history of which not understood even in the most foggiest manner by the modern secondary-education American student?


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