Sunday, March 31, 2019

Crusty II.

This is coolbert:

Crusty conclusion! 

First a comparison the cockpit a Tu-22M3 and the cockpit of a Tu-134.

Tu-22M3 cockpit.

Cockpit of a Tu-134 commercial plane. Similarities but not identical. Pilot a Tu-134 and you can pilot a Tu-22M3? Drive a Dodge sedan and you can drive a Porsche? Is that what this is? Modification to the forward compartment of the Tu-134 [cockpit and nose] allow for four teams of three men each to train on the plane during one flight? I am assuming a pilot, a co-pilot and a navigator per team.

About two dozen Tu-22 Backfire to be refurbished/retrofitted and deployed as part of the Russian Strategic Air Force arsenal. Pilots indeed needing a lot of training to fly Backfire with proficiency. See this RT video a Backfire sadly splitting in two during a landing in bad weather.

Devoted readers to the blog please also be aware that I have tried to insert images in a tandem manner, juxtaposed for comparison sake, but was unhappy with the results.


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