Sunday, March 17, 2019


This is coolbert:

SEAD = Suppression Enemy Air Defense.

Devoted readers to the blog will understand fully well my instantaneous response to the South Front Internet web site headline:

"Israeli Defense Firm Released Video Showing Destruction Of S-400 Radar"

Rest assured [?] devoted readers to the blog that no such attack has actually occurred. A Russian S-400 surface-air-missile [SAM] battery has NOT been destroyed.

See this You Tube video of Israeli anti-radiation munitions as capable of destroying a Russian S-400 SAM battery.

Harop, Harpy and Mini-Harpy. Israeli drone UAV each and everyone a dedicated to the SEAD mission. The latter an anti-radiation drone with loitering feature. Anti-radiation [radar homing] with an additional opto-electronic guidance feature.

Russia too having just announced a new UAV drone with "kamikaze" like performance. Undoubtedly too KUB the mission of which probably also SEAD.

But once more devoted readers to the blog. Israeli having the ability to destroy the S-400 SAM system but has NOT actually done so. If and when such an eventuality does occur it is going to be front-page news and big time.


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