Monday, May 9, 2016


This is coolbert:

From the Chicago Tribune as seen several days ago:

"Recaptured Ramadi nothing but rubble"

"Iraqis did dislodge Islamic State group - - but at a high cost"

"RAMADI, Iraq - - The dust of thousands of wrecked buildings drifts over the Iraqi city of Ramadi. Once home to around 1 million people, it stands virtually empty"

Damage so severe to include [but scarcely limited to]:

* "Apartment block after apartment block has been leveled."

* "A giant highway overpass . . . lies crushed."

* "Every bridge over the Euphrates River is toppled"

* "The walls of homes are shredded, exposing furniture and bedding".

* "Graffiti on the houses still standing warn of explosives"

* "The electrical grid was almost destroyed"

* "The water network heavily damaged"

* "The city's remaining bridges and two dams.[have been blown]"

* "Anbar University . . . Much of the campus is in ruin."

* "at least a dozen residential towers have been leveled"


Whoever said defeating the Islamic State was going to be easy?


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