Saturday, May 7, 2016

Patrol I.

This is coolbert:

Patrol! Define that word patrol!

Thanks to Strategy Page, the threat as in reality understood to be much diminished?

"Submarines: Context For The Russian Threat"

"May 4, 2016: An American admiral recently remarked that Russian submarine combat patrols had increased 50 percent over 2015 . . . What the U.S. Navy is not talking about is how far behind the Russian submarine force has fallen since the late 1980s."

"Since the 1990s fewer and fewer of their [Russian] nuclear subs went to sea on combat patrols. Most of the boats going to sea were SSNs (attack subs), not ballistic missile equipped SSBNs. Most of these trips were short range training missions, which often lasted a few days, or just a few hours. That was worse than it sounds because the true measure of a fleet is the 'combat patrol' or 'deployment.' In the U.S. Navy most of these last from 2-6 months. Since 2001 U.S. nuclear subs have carried out ten times as many patrols as their Russian counterparts"

Context as is normally the case must be understood. Patrols yes, but what sort of patrol. NOW it is all so much more clear, isn't it?


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