Friday, May 20, 2016

M-60 II.

This is coolbert:

Do not think it is merely the Israeli that can take an existing and somewhat dated and old-fashioned American M60 tank and create an almost brand-new version more capable.

Raytheon can do it too! This is SLEP! [Service Life Extension Program]

"Raytheon Can Turn Old American-Made M60A3 Tanks Into Killing Machines"

"Raytheon is pitching a new upgrade for the venerable M60A3 Patton main battle tank that would turn the elderly design into a competitive force on the modern battlefield—all at a fraction of the cost of a new vehicle"

. . .

"At the core of the upgrade is a new 950-horsepower diesel engine—which replaces the original 750-horsepower unit. As part of the deal, the engine would be reconditioned to a zero hour condition. Meanwhile, the old turret hydraulic controls would be replaced with new electrical systems, which are faster, more responsive and quieter than their predecessors."

"Offensive firepower is exponentially improved by swapping out the old 105mm M68 rifled gun in favor of the Abrams’ German-made L44 120mm smoothbore cannon."

. . .

"That’s because in addition to the new cannon, the M60 would receive completely new digital fire-control and targeting systems—including day and thermal sights."

". . . While Raytheon does not specifically mention networking—it’s reasonable to assume the modernized tank would be compatible with the U.S. Army’s networks."

"Indeed, there are a few visible improvements [to the armor of the vehicle]—such as the addition of side skirts. The configuration shown in the video does not seem to feature reactive armor—but it is fitted with slat armor . . . reactive armor could likely be added as needed. In the future . . . more advanced features like an active protection system— [might be added]".

"In addition to much improved performance, Raytheon claims that one major side benefit of the SLEP is that training and maintenance cost would be lower than for new tank because crews are already familiar with the basic M60."

Networking that ability of a tank commander at what echelon of command [platoon, company, battalion, brigade, division] able to determine almost instantly and with almost 100 % reliability how much ammo, how much fuel, the exact location of every armor vehicle at his disposal.


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