Friday, May 13, 2016


This is coolbert:

Generally speaking it is thought that the nation of Israel has universal military conscription. But this [universal conscription] does not apply to ALL CITIZENS. Universal conscription as practiced applies to only JEWS excluding for the most part Arabic speaking citizens of Israel [Arabic their primary language] and those most correctly classified as Jewish ultra-Orthodox.

To the extent that Arabic speaking citizens of Israel and the ultra-Orthodox serve in some sort of military capacity is strictly on a voluntary basis and should be understood as so!.

As seen at Freeper:

"Israel Honors Priest Who Promotes Arab Army Enlistment"

"Israel's decision to honor a controversial Greek Orthodox priest at its official Independence Day ceremony is driving a wedge in the country's tiny Christian Arab community as the government recognizes him for his efforts to encourage Christians to enlist in the Israeli military. Father Gabriel Naddaf's recruitment drive has deeply divided Israel's Christian Arabs, who make up just 2 percent of Israel's population."

Those Arabic speaking citizens of Israel comprising about twenty percent of the population. Given that Arabic speaking Christians comprise a very small segment of the Israeli citizen [1/250th] that pool of potential voluntary recruits very small indeed!!


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