Friday, May 13, 2016


This is coolbert:

Hot Intel flash entry # 2. Admiral Chirkov.

Also from Harry at "Sharkhunters":

"NEW RUSSIAN CinC - . . . Western media seems obliviously to the fact, it is widely known in Russia that their Navy CinC submitted a letter of resignation which was accepted by naval authorities . . .  the admiral's desire to resign from the service is due to his deteriorating health.  He underwent surgery for an unknown cause and spent some time in hospital"

    "Admiral Chirkov was born in Alma Ata in Kazakhstan on 8 September 1959.   On 6 May 2012 he replaced Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky as CinC of the Russian.  He moved up from his previous posting as Commander of the Baltic Sea Fleet.  Prior to that, he had commanded two destroyers in the Pacific Fleet so he is a 'skimmer' sailor, not a submariner.  Admiral Vladimir Korolev, Commander of the Northern Fleet, is acting CinC until a permanent successor is determined and at this point, it appears it will be Korolev.  Korolev, a submarine officer, earlier was Commander of the Black Sea Fleet until moving up to command the Northern Fleet."

   "Vice Admiral Nikolai Evmenov, currently Chief of Staff of the Northern Fleet, has been nominated to take the position as Commander of the Northern Fleet."

Thank you in both cases [#1 and #2] to Harry.


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