Friday, May 13, 2016


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Hot Intel flash entry # 1.

From Harry at "Sharkhunters":

"MISSING SUBMARINE - According to recent information . . . we learn that a North Korean midget submarine went missing in early March.  This boat departed its base on the eastern coast of the Korean Peninsula for training in the Sea of Japan.  It is one of the YONO Class submarines operated by the North Korean Navy since 1965.  The total number of these boats is unknown but about 40 of them are in reserve.  Submerged displacement is 130 tons, measures about 22 meters in length, crewed by two men but has capacity to carry about 30 Special Forces commandos."

"These small submarines are armed with 533mm torpedoes and it is thought that it was a YONO Class boat that sank the South Korean corvette CHEONAN in March of 2010.  The torpedo used in that attack was probably the North Korean made CHT-02D type torpedo armed with a proximity fuse.  The corvette was cut in half by a torpedo that apparently exploded about nine meters under the keel."

"YONO means 'Salmon' in the Korean language and the Japanese call this the SAKE also means Salmon, not the rice wine.  The same name in Iran is KHADIR and the Iranian Navy is building these small boats under license."


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