Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Game Warden.

This is coolbert:

Texas game wardens bag some illegal wildlife?

Quasi-military police agencies in the United States prepared as best possible for the weapons of mass destruction threat [WMD].

"Nuke threat on southern border? Texas game wardens issued radiation detectors"


"As if the U.S. isn’t facing enough threats from its southern borders, Americans can be concerned with yet another: terrorism in the form of nuclear weapons [radiological weapon]."

"The potential for smuggling in nuclear or radioactive weapons of mass destruction has been suggested for a long time, and now the Long Star state is taking the threat more seriously."

"Texas game wardens don’t just cover land issues such as poaching, wildlife management or even illegal chemical dumping. They’re also on the water, monitoring for fishing violations – and now, terrorism."

. . . .

"Houston Public Media reports game wardens began training with the radiation detectors in January and completed a mock exercise to find radioactive packages along the coast."

"Nuclear threats from terrorists have been causing greater concern since the Paris and Brussels attacks. President Obama, among other world leaders, faces the chilling prospect of rogue Islamic State terrorists unleashing a nuclear attack [radiological weapon] on a major Western city"

See recent possible WMD threats as perhaps associated with the Islamic State:




That connection between the drug cartels, terrorists and human smugglers much more extensive than we might like to believe? I hope Homeland Security is on top of this. The state of Texas too by sovereign right exercising a function normally associated only with the federal government. Texas just cannot wait for Homeland Security to take action when action NOW is mandated.

Don't mess with Texas either!


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