Friday, January 15, 2016

MRF Philippines.

This is coolbert:

All this a response to the ongoing situation in the Spratly Islands obviously.

The United States and the Philippines for a long time have had a bi-lateral defense treaty.

NOW a slightly increased and enhanced presence of U.S. military capability/

"Philippines offers eight bases to U.S. under new military deal"

"MANILA (Reuters) - The Philippines has offered the United States eight bases where it can build facilities to store equipment and supplies under a new security deal, a military spokesman said on Wednesday, amid rising tension with China over the South China Sea."

"Last year, the Philippines and the United States signed the Enhanced Defence Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) granting Washington increased military presence in its former colony, rotating ships and planes for humanitarian and maritime security operations."

Pre-positioned equipment and training facilities for American military units to rotate in/out on a regular basis.

Quite similar to the MRF Darwin facility already being used in Australia. BUT NO PERMANENT BASES!

All of this a warning to China at the same time I might expect.


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