Monday, January 18, 2016

Napoleon III.

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That success of Napoleon as a military commander due to a combination of factors, the Emperor able to assemble a variety of concepts into the "total package" for which his adversaries did not have a good response..

As found on the Internet this article explains it all?

"The Success of Napoleon" by Richard Podruchny

In the proverbial nutshell those "factors" contributing to the success of Napoleon as a battlefield commander to include but scarcely limited to:

* Artillery more numerous, lighter, more mobile, but not sacrificing accuracy, range, killing-power.

Artillery often formed into a Grande Batterie able to annihilate an adversary at a specific critical point.

* Combined arms, corps and divisional formations.

An army divided in echelons of corps and division size. Each possessing their own combined arms organization [infantry, artillery, cavalry], capable of autonomous and independent action or acting as part of the whole as required.

* Conscription resulting in large-sized formations possessing a revolutionary zeal and patriotism.

Industry on a massive scale mobilized for the war effort "nationalized manufacturing of war material".

* Promotion and command based on merit and a can-do ability among subordinates.

* Superior application of the operational art. [movement of large units to achieve goals and mission]

Quick and fast maneuver facilitated by an extraordinary French marching ability.

Napoleon as commander and generalissimo in the aftermath of the French Revolution perceiving his mission to spread the positive attributes of liberty, fraternity and equality to all of Europe and beyond. Using military force to do so whether you wanted it or not!


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