Sunday, January 10, 2016


This is coolbert:

Scientists! ISIL Polytechnique Institute at work!

Again from the latest as seen at the DEBKAfile newsletter:

"ISIS said to develops heat-seeking anti-air missiles at 'jihadi university' in Raqqa"

5 January.

"Sky TV has uncovered evidence of an ISIS 'jihadi university' in Raqqa, Syria, where scientists are hired to come up with new ways to carry out attacks. They have been able to re-commission age-ing surface to air heat-seeking missiles with a homemade thermal battery which are capable of destroying an aircraft, which are of great concern to commercial airlines. The ISIS faculty has also developed fully working remote controlled driver-less cars for use as mobile bombs."

Those thermal batteries of the molten salt variety the development of which was inextricably linked to weapons requirements from the era of the Second world War.

"Thermal batteries originated during World War II when German scientist Georg Otto Erb developed the first practical cells, using a salt mixture as an electrolyte. Erb developed batteries for military applications, including the V-1 flying bomb and the V-2 rocket, and artillery fuzing systems."

Where there is a will there is often a way. ISIL has the will and is finding the way? Those on the receiving end of a MANPAD will know for sure.


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