Thursday, January 14, 2016

Grail SA-7.

This is coolbert:

From an acknowledged aviation expert some observations regarding the thermal batteries as associated with the Soviet era Grail SA-7 pea-shooter surface-air-missile.

1. "the battery for whatever reason had a shelf life said to be in the 'few months' category--such as two or three months.  Once the device is turned on (as when a threat is perceived, to prepare it for track and launch), it has only a few minutes of active life before the battery is dead. And the batteries could not be replaced--at least not outside the manufacturer's factory."

Also Grail SA-7 too having a limited versatility but nonetheless effective when employed properly within parameters.

2."The weapon was useful only against slow moving, very low altitude flying targets, such as prop planes or helicopters traveling at less than 200 knots and below 4,500 feet.  It was and is, however, a game changer in that those kinds of weapons of war and transport become highly vulnerable to the SA-7, requiring changes in approach, altitudes, tactics, airfield size and safety, and more.  Notice of one or two of these items being delivered to an area meant that everything within about 50 miles was suddenly flying higher, dropping parachutes or supplies from difficult heights, planes being modified to carry and dispense intense flares to decoy the infra-red guidance system, etc."

Battery for the SA-7 "could not be replaced - - at least not outside the manufacturer's factory" EXCEPT THAT ISIL CAN NOW DO SO!


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