Monday, January 4, 2016

Oyashio I.

This is coolbert:

Here begins a series of blog entries the subject of which is the Japanese submarine of the Oyashio class.

Oyashio using what is called the "leaf coil" hull design as opposed to the tear-drop!!

"The Oyashio class represents departure form previous submarines of the Maritime Self Defense Force, which have used a tear drop hull form. This latest and most powerful submarine changed to a 'leaf coil' hull form."

Oyashio a major design consideration a submarine built AROUND AN ARRAY OF PASSIVE SONAR SENSORS.

"The design of the Oyashio started by seriously considering the arrangement of the sensor first, after which the entire layout was decided. Previously the sonar was mounted in only the bow, but this new model which designates entire hull as the sensor, equipped with a conformal sonar arranged on the hull side to provide improved detection efficiency . . . A reduction of the crew is due to advanced new technology, with a smaller crew compared with similar types of submarine in other countries."

Leaf-coil better understood as cigar shape.

Japan a major maritime power and has been for some time! In this regard of understanding devoted readers to the blog are well ahead of the learning curve.


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