Monday, January 4, 2016

Oyashio III.

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1. From YouTube a tour of a Oyashio class vessel:

"Japan JMSDF Oyashio class Submarine - SS-590 Oyashio -"

As posted at YouTube take a tour of a Oyashio class Japanese submarine.

I like those simulators which allow those submariners to practice fire-fighting techniques and also how to patch a breach in the pressure hull.

Electrical short circuits as a result of the intake of water rendering vital systems inoperative the crew not able to respond in a quick enough time to reverse that downward trajectory of the vessel before crush depth is reached.

 2. Also another YouTube tour this time of a Chinese Ming class submarine as have been recently sold to Bangladesh.

Ming think more properly a clone of the German type XXI vessel of the Second World War.

"Ming class (Type 035G) Diesel-Electric Submarine of Bangladesh Navy"

"Ming class (Type 035G) Diesel-Electric Submarine of Bangladesh Navy. Video from PLAN."

And YES it does get hot and noisy inside of that diesel engine compartment. Ear cups and not plugs needed.

Those Ming class submarines, two of them, recently sold to Bangladesh for training purposes only as is thought be the case?

Ming however vintage I might think when lurking in ambush in a silent mode and using modern torpedoes, missiles and guidance systems still remains a credible threat.

Whom exactly does the nation of Bangladesh seek to protect itself against is perhaps a more appropriate question?


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