Wednesday, January 6, 2016

AGI Soviet.

This is coolbert:

Okean AGI!

As described in the novel "The Intruders" by Steven Coontz and American aircraft carrier task group is being observed by a Soviet fishing trawler AGI of the Okean class:

"The Soviet intelligence ship Reduktor jointed the task group during the night and fell in line astern . . . . she was a small converted trawler. Had she not been festooned with a a dazzling array of radio antennas that rose from her superstructure and masts, one would assume her crew was still looking for fish."

"So there they were. Russians. In Reduktor's compartments they were busy with their reel-to reel tape drives - - probably all made in Japan - - recording every word, peep or chirp on every radio frequency that the U.S. Navy had ever been known to use. Doubtlessly they monitored other frequencies occasionally as well, just in case. These tapes would be examined by experts who would construct from them detailed analyses of how the U.S. Navy operated and what it capabilities were. Encrypted transmissions would be turned over to specialists who would try to break the codes."

"In short the crew of the Reduktor were spies."

"There was one other possibility, not very probably, but possible. Reduktor might be a beacon ship marking the position of the American task group for Soviet forces."

Okean class trawler Linza. "Festooned with a a dazzling array of radio antennas". Click on image for a larger view.

Think rather than the trawler not possibly a beacon but more than likely WERE A BEACON!

Do not preclude also an embedded and organic offensive capability for these AGI! Naval GRU spetsnaz personnel, underwater demolitions men able to deploy during a time of war or even peacetime for that matter if and when the "go" signal given.


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