Wednesday, January 6, 2016

AGI China.

This is coolbert:

The topic is AGI. From MARCO POLO through Harry:

AGI  = Auxiliary General Intelligence.

Quite often referred to as "spy ship". More correctly defined and understood as intelligence gathering and reconnaissance vessels.

"China has three topmost electronic intelligence collection ships (AGI) of 'Dondiao'-class (Type 815 and (15G) - 'Beijixing' (Polaris), 'Tianwangxing' (Uranus) and 'Haiwangxing' (Neptune). Another is said to be under construction at the Hudong Zhonghua shipyard in Shanghai."

   "In 2014, the 'Polaris' was sent to Hawaiian waters to reconnoiter on the international naval exercise 'RIMPAC' while the Chinese Navy was participating in the exercise with three ships. Some Americans called this height of impudence, and demanded that in future China be kept out of the 'RIMPAC.'"

   "Up to now, the 'Polaris' has been with China's Eastern Sea Fleet at Tsingdao, while 'Uranus' with South Sea Fleet at Hainan Island.  Sources in China have said that now the 'Neptune' as well has been assigned to the South Sea Fleet at a naval base in the South China Sea."

Chinese AGI new, bright and shiny! And I imagine "loaded".

Thank you MARCO POLO!

AGI been around for a long time, ever since the beginning of the Cold War. The beat goes on and then some!!

"Spy ships in the modern sense have been used at least since the early Cold War, and are in use by all major powers. Their uses, in addition to listening in on communications and spy on enemy fleet movements, were to monitor nuclear tests and missile launches (especially of potential ICBMs)."

"One of the most important functions for both Cold War spy ship fleets, especially in the 1960s, was the gathering of submarine 'signatures' - the patterns of noise that could often identify the specific type of submarine and were thus valuable in anti-submarine warfare. During that era, the USA fielded about 80 vessels, usually classified as 'environmental research' craft, while the Soviets had around 60 ships, often converted trawlers or hydro graphic research ships."

Multi-faceted mission with 70 % of the surface of the planet as mission possible! Water!


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