Sunday, January 3, 2016

Enemy Spy.

This is coolbert:

From an article at Strategy Page one more indication the Chinese preparing their population for eventualities that might involve military conflict with Japan and the United States.

Spy hysteria!! Enemy spies everywhere!!

"Millions Of Patriotic Chinese Spy For America"

"Officials in two Chinese coastal provinces (Jilin opposite Japan and Hainan facing the South China Sea) have established a hotline for tips from citizens who suspect foreign visitors of spying. This program is based on the suspicion that foreign agents, posing as tourists or business travelers, are going to coastal provinces to recruit Chinese to gather information where they live and email it to their foreign handlers . . . The new spy hotline is apparently more of a propaganda program to maintain popular support for Chinese aggression in nearby waters where China is claiming islands and vast expanses of sea that, according to international law (which China agreed to) that it has no real claim on."

My instantaneous response to this article was Le Queux. From that era prior to the Great War [WW1]. English author of numerous spy novella that German agent or spy signaling to a submarine or fishing trawler that had surreptitiously intruded into British territorial waters.

Spy hysteria for WHICH THERE WAS NO FOUNDATION BUT TO A CERTAIN EXTENT BELIEVED. [readers of the Le Queux series of fictional novella seemed to have had a bad tendency to except the content of each book as either true or very possibly true.]

As it was over one hundred years ago as it is now. Different nation but the same mentality.


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