Thursday, March 19, 2015

MRF Darwin.

This is coolbert:

From a comment to the blog:

"As I understand it US Marines (primarily) pass through the Darwin training areas, but they are not based permanently in Australia."

From a variety of Internet web sites we have some details of that Marine Rotational Force Darwin [MRF-D].

That emblem of the MRF-D the saltwater crocodile. Most appropriate, is it not?

1. Marine Rotational Force Darwin.

2. Facebook.

3. "Cracks appearing in US marines' charm offensive in Darwin"

"Locals are grumpy about the noisy aircraft and nervous about the marine battalion growing to 2,500 by 2017-18"

That total MRF-D to be in several years a regimental sized unit consisting of battalions on a six month rotational cycle. Six month deployment with extensive training followed by a movement back to home base. And all-arms capability, deploy-able I might think to any part of the Southwest Pacific with little if any advance notice.

Equipment, supplies, ammo, food, fuel also pre-positioned and stockpiled which can be availed of if necessary? Of this I am not sure.

Also extracts from a 2011 interview, question and answer session, that deployment of U.S. Marines to Darwin discussed:

“Q. Do you envision permanent bases here? Could it lead to that?"

“MR. RHODES: No, I don’t think ‐‐"

"Q.    Planes?  There’s no sea element to this, more ships rotating through or anything?"

"MR. RUSSEL:  This particular initiative doesn’t involve a ramping up of ship visits or naval cooperation."

"Q.    — they won’t be permanently attached?"

"MR. RHODES:  There will be a constant rotation, so there will be — this will be a regular presence of the U.S. Marines in Australia." 

That Darwin training facility already evidently is now and has been for some time a permanent Australian military encampment a portion of which is now occupied by American Marines. That area devoted to military exercises extensive and massive, those U.S. Marine contingents best described as part of "a constant rotation" with "a regular presence".


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Mark Moncrieff said...

Going through the links you provided it seems that the Marine Rotational Force Darwin is based in Darwin from roughly March to September, including the advance and rear parties, each year. Although I would not be surprised if there was a small regular component in large of liaison, administration and logistics. Regular presence seems to mean "I'm regular because I eat a lot of Bran", not regular as in constant.

Mark Moncrieff
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