Sunday, March 22, 2015

Russia & Norway.

This is coolbert:

From MARCONI through Harry at Sharkhunters some items of interest.

European military exercises as currently underway, Russian and Norwegian both:

1. "Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday ordered a drill of some 38,000 troops in the Arctic as part of a major show of strength amid tensions with the West over Ukraine.  Putin put the Northern Fleet on full combat readiness in a snap inspection of Moscow's military power in the strategic region."

2. "A military spokesmen [Russian] said that some 5,000 troops were also being drilled in Russia's far-east and a further 500 close to the volatile southern Caucasus region, news agencies reported.  The drills are the latest in a succession of large-scale military manoeuvres that Moscow has ordered around the vast nation with relations with the West at a post-Cold War low over the crisis in Ukraine."

3. "Norway is currently conducting some of its largest military exercises in decades not far away from its border with Russia.  That exercise, called 'Joint Viking', involves over 5,000 personnel and is presented by Oslo as the largest drill in that part of the country since 1967."

To all Norwegian participants. REMEMBER THE POSTER ON THE WALL!!


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