Wednesday, March 18, 2015


This is coolbert:

Some clarification regarding one of those six questions as part of the poll administered to the Australian public by a group described as a "communist" front organization.

"Q3 - - If armed conflict broke out between Japan, the USA and China over the islands [East China Sea] should Australia:"

Those four possible responses to Q3 as offered to those being polled:

1. Support China.
2. Support Japan and the United States.
3. Remain neutral.
4. Unsure.

From among the general Australian populace the answer 71 % remain neutral. AND not a whole lot of deviation from that figure even when taking into account the various sub-categories of respondents.

Australia one of only two nations in the world [that other nation Norway] the central government of which has a budget surplus. This from the export of natural resources [primarily iron ore], those importers the Asian industrial power houses of China, South Korea and Japan. Expect that trade TO BECOME ALMOST NIL IF AND WHEN A CONFLICT IN THE EAST CHINA SEA OR THE SPRATLY ISLANDS BECOMES MANIFEST.


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