Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sappers Syria.

This is coolbert:

The ancient and venerable siege technique of sapping and mining that modern version as described. Sapping and mining the work in this case of the Free Syrian Army?

"Syrian Rebels Shift to Tunnel Warfare"

"Fighters combine an ancient tactic with modern weapons"

"On March 4 at 5:31 p.m., computer screens at the European Mediterranean Seismological Center lit up. A a 2.3-magnitude tremor had just rattled Aleppo in eastern Syria."

"But it wasn’t an earthquake."

"Rebel tunnelers had planted a huge stash of explosives under the Syrian Air Force Intelligence Directorate headquarters. The underground attack represented a powerful blow against the Syrian regime."

"The explosion was a current adaptation of a medieval siege tactic. Pre-modern soldiers would dig a tunnel deep under an enemy castle’s walls, collapse the tunnel and bring down the castle along with it. Syria’s rebels do the same, but adding explosives to better collapse the tunnel."

In warfare, sometimes the old ways are the best ways. Without question.

Aleppo within the context of the Syrian civil war we have not heard about in some time now. Specifically the citadel of Aleppo the capture of which having great symbolic value.

See previous blog entry regarding Aleppo and the citadel.


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