Saturday, March 27, 2021

Moz I.

This is coolbert:

Flash high precedence traffic! Mozambique situation not good.

Thanks to the tip from Dieter.

As from an acknowledged African authority whose repute is unquestionable:

""Big [doings] in northern Mozambique with a bunch of Westerners cut off in a hotel by the Jihadists in the port of Palma (we're talking hundreds)." 

"Some, including SA [South African] nationals already killed by the rebels after fleeing into the bush."

 "Lionel Dyck's choppers (company already fired by the Mozambique army but begged to go in and help) trying to airlift some out."

"One of their helicopters went in last night, the pilot saying in a Whatsapp home that 'a terrible night lies ahead'. Nothing heard since."

 "Nobody knows what . . . is going on except that French navy and aircraft already deployed out of Mayotte (French Comes) and two European nations about to put boots on the ground there, as are the American, but for training "

Situation rather bad in Mozambique already. The military of the national government not able to handle the jihadi threat. Private Military Contractors [PMC] their performance to date lackluster. 

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Bad to worse and fast. Stay tuned!


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