Monday, March 29, 2021


This is coolbert:

"Nine of his kills on Malta were Italian pilots. About them he used to say: 'The Jerrie are probably better over-all pilots than the Italians, but they certainly let the Eyeties do their fighting for them when the going got tough. When we get around to adding the final score for this show I hope somebody thinks of that'."

Billy Bishop the Canadian war hero WW1 I have heard of. George Beurling from the era of WW2 I had not heard of.

George a combat fighter pilot aviator perhaps in the same league as a Pat Pattle or an Erich Hartmann?

"Canadian fighter ace George Beurling, known as the “Knight of Malta”, shot down 27 Axis aircraft in just 14 days over the skies of Malta during the summer of 1942."

"Beurling was recognised as 'Canada's most famous hero of Second World War', as 'The Falcon of Malta' and the 'Knight of Malta', having been credited with shooting down 27 Axis aircraft in just 14 days over the besieged Mediterranean island. Before the war ended his official total climbed to either 31 or 31​1⁄3"


My instantaneous thought was that George most of his "kills" over Malta were against enemy aviators and aircraft less than worthy opponents. Beurling had an unfair advantage?

Apparently I am incorrect and unashamedly admit so.

Most famous "Canadian war hero" WW2 and we can agree on that?


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