Thursday, March 4, 2021

Rolls Royce

This is coolbert:

Normally I think of the various desert campaigns as waged by Lawrence of Arabia during the Great War [WW1] as being strictly a camel and horse affair. But I am wrong.

"Rolls-Royce Armored Car: The Bulletproof Ghost

 Thanks to the web site and the article by Jim Motavalli.

"Trench warfare and intractable mud ultimately made the Royal Naval Air Service cars unsuited for combat on the Western Front, but they were to see other fields of action"

Unsuited for the type of combat as was the case on the Western Front during the Great War but seeing active service in other theaters of the war.

Most significantly [?] finding utility during the Arab Revolt by those insurrection units commanded by T.E Lawrence!

"Lawrence of Arabia used a squadron in his operations against the Turkish forces. He called the unit of nine armoured Rolls-Royces 'more valuable than rubies' in helping win his Revolt in the Desert"

Armored car with one water-cooled .303 general-purpose machine gun. Area in rear of vehicle [unarmored] can carry infantry. Space evidently in the armored area also can accommodate personnel besides the crew. Manufactured with the degree of precision as are all Rolls Royce vehicles. Widely used during the years between the World Wars performing yeoman service, recognition however scant.

I would like to own one of these.


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