Friday, March 12, 2021


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Still another extract from the archives of the New York Times, events as reported, prelude to the  American Civil War. Thanks also to Freeper for the tip. 

"HIGHLY IMPORTANT NEWS: The Fort Question to be Decided Immediately; FORT SUMPTER TO BE EVACUATED; THE REPUBLICAN COURT (3/11/1861)"

New York Times archives – Times Machine ^ | 3/11/1861

"WASHINGTON, Sunday, March 10. The question of reinforcing Fort Sumpter has been under consideration in the Cabinet, and it is understood that the question whether or no it is not desirable to withdraw all the troops, except two or three men, rather than incur the bloodshed which will probably occur before troops and supplies are put into it, is now to be decided. The immediate necessity of settling this question grows out of the fact that there is only a limited supply of bread at Fort Sumpter, but plenty of salt meat"

Fort Sumter I have heard of. Fort Sumpter I have not heard of. Perhaps various spellings exist and were valid [1861] at the time.

Previous attempt to provision the fort [Star of the West] unsuccessful. Fort as of early March [1861] very low on basic supplies, victuals in particular. Plans to abandon the fort but  for a skeletal force contemplated.

Major Anderson commanding indeed realizing his position dire, plight becoming extreme.


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