Saturday, March 27, 2021

Moz II.

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More Mozambique. Courtesy acknowledged African authority and thanks to same.

"Big story developing in Northern Mozambique.  French Foreign Legion [FFL] have moved in in a bid to rescue hostages. It seems that there are quite a few Westerners dead and man in hiding from the Jihadis in the jungle. Their infiltration [jihadi] has been tactically excellent. Nothing in the international media about any of this."

"I received an audio recording made by one of Dyck's guys on Friday night describing their day . . .  It appears these insurgents are very tactically astute in how they have executed this raid on Palma, putting in a feint on a nearby town to cause the population to flee to Palma and joined them, concealing their weapons knowing no one would be screening the fleeing villagers on arrival. Once in Palma they unwrapped their weapons and put in an attack at 3 points."

 "Most of the expats [expatriates] in the area fled to the Amarula Palma hotel (+_200) and after surrounding it and waiting, the insurgents put in another feint against the Italian Bonatti camp on Friday evening very nearby. When this was going in a South African led a 17 vehicle convoy escape out of the hotel and this was ambushed by the insurgents at the entrance where only 7 vehicles escaped and a number of expats were killed, with some vehicles turning back to the hotel. The last I heard the hotel had since been overrun, but not yet confirmed."

 "Apparently these expats were of the belief there were boats at a beach nearby waiting to evacuate them but one of Dyck's choppers did a recce [reconnaissance] earlier and saw nothing which they reported back to the hotel and told them to sit tight and they would be back in the morning to evacuate them once they had rearmed and refueled. "

 "The government Mi's [Soviet/Russian Mi helicopters] that were meant to be taking over ops from DAG [Lionel Dyck PMC] flew in on Friday, one took hits from ground fire and put down at the airfield, another put down through a maintenance issue and others flown by Ukrainians put down at the nearby airfield and refused to get involved. When they flew out, they overflew a government troop relief advancing towards Palma and shot them up believing they were insurgents."

 "An Olympic [mess] other than DAGs choppers flying rescue and attack sorties throughout. There are now expats and locals scattered all over the shateen [bush, forest] there. Foreign Legion [FFL] were en route from a nearby location but to assist in evacuations not kinetic operations."


This story continues!


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