Friday, March 19, 2021

Circle Trigons.

This is coolbert:

Thar be Dragons. Thar be Circle Trigons.

Too war with Esperanto? U.S. Army at one time thought so. 

OPFOR [Opposing Force] in the modern version [Fort Irwin] I am familiar with. OPFOR Circle Trigons much less so.

Circle Trigons a U.S. Army company-sized military unit trained to act as an opponent during field-training exercise [FTX]. Even speaking a foreign language [Esperanto]. Quite a contrast to OPFOR Fort Irwin style. I can fully well understand the value of training interrogators this way. 

See this Internet web site and the artcle "Seventy Years of OPFOR" the evolution of a "dissimilar force" and the value of same. 

That OPFOR as resident Fort Irwin the most highly-rated competent and ready-to-go combat arms U.S. Army military unit.


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