Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Fox USN.

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The garrison Fort Sumter their plight without remedy or amelioration. Gustavus Fox USN to the rescue.

As reported in the New York Times as of 1861.

"NATIONAL AFFAIRS: A Special Government Messenger to Fort Sumpter; Editorials-An Extra Session of Congress, Secession Designs (3/23/1861)"

New York Times archives – Times Machine ^ | 3/23/1861

"WASHINGTON, Friday, March 22. A MESSENGER AT SUMPTER. A dispatch has reached this city from Charleston, which states that Dr. Fox, of the United States Navy, a special messenger from the Government to Major ANDERSON, had reached that city, and had visited Port Sumpter by permission, in company with Captain HARTSTEIN. Of course the exact nature of his mission was not publicly known, but there was little doubt that it related to the evacuation of the Fort"

As to Gustavus Fox USN:

"At the start of the American Civil War he volunteered for service. President Abraham Lincoln gave him a temporary appointment in the Navy and sent him in the steamer [SS] Baltic to the relief of Fort Sumter. Fox could not relieve the fort before Confederate bombardment forced its surrender, but afterwards he brought away the garrison."

The story of course continues with the go-no-go, make-or-break moment at hand.


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