Saturday, March 6, 2021


This is coolbert:

From the outstanding Internet web site "Bayou Renaissance Man" and thanks to same.

"How do the Italians achieve the 'tactical Ferrari' look?"

"There's something about Italian designers that I can't quite put my finger on, but which shows through in almost everything born in that country. It's an élan, a visual zeitgeist, a style that's very distinctive. One sees it in Ferrari and Lamborghini automobiles, in Piaggio executive aircraft, in Aermacchi jet trainers, and so on."

All-terrain special operations vehicles too?? Visual zeitgeist? Devoted readers to the blog decide for yourself.

Italian LTATV. All-purpose all-terrain vehicle used by special operations troops. Zeitgeist unmistakable? Needs a winch and snorkel?

American RAZR ATV. Less sexy-looking than the Italian version?

U.S. Navy SEAL team using RAZR military-style all-terrain vehicles during a beach patrol exercise perhaps in Washington state.

Those ATV you need to strap yourself in tightly and wear a helmet either as a driver or passenger. Also can be found in street drive-able versions.

And to all this Rolls Royce would say??


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