Wednesday, November 18, 2020


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Where the Russian mercenary Wagner Group has failed the Dyck Advisory Group [DAG] will not?

More Mozambique stuff. Insurrection succeeding seemingly unchecked. Bad guys unstoppable?

See previous blog entry [with many additional links] the topic the Islamic State insurrection Mozambique.

"Colonel Dyck And The Fight For Northern Mozambique"

Thanks to the Internet web site "Africa Unauthorized and the article by Hannes Wessels large portions of this blog entry copied in entirety and unashamedly so.

DAG now involved in COIN [counter-insurgency] operations Mozambique? Target the Islamic State insurgents. Devoted readers to the blog invited to read the entire article.

According to Colonel Dyck:

“'The stakes are extremely high,' . . . 'but the Mozambique Defence Forces are unprepared and under-resourced and we have to move fast. Some of the atrocities committed are unlike anything I have seen before and I’ve seen a lot of wars, in a lot of different places. The massacre that followed the attack on Quissanga Police Post involved the mutilation of bodies, severing of limbs and we believe the attackers ate some of the body-parts. Despite this barbarism, this enemy is organised, motivated and well equipped. If we don’t get on top of this, it’s going to spread south fast and that will be a catastrophe for the entire region.'”

“We have discovered it’s a nasty mix of old, well organised, criminal networks involved in ivory, rubies and emeralds but the big, billion-dollar business is heroin being moved through the area and distributed north and south. This has now taken on an Islamic face and it’s a highly effective combination with strong external support.”

DAG operating on a "shoe-string" evidently and hardly it seems able to counter the opposition. 

Dyck is operating on a shoe-string. With one helicopter having been shot down and destroyed, he has two Gazelle gun-ships flying, two ‘Bathawk’ microlights with front-guns, an old Allouette armed with 20 mm canon and two fixed wing aircraft. With a total compliment of less than 30 men, he has almost no ground-forces and his intelligence gathering capability is very limited."



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