Sunday, November 22, 2020


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From the Internet web site "West Hunter" and thanks to same.

"National Greatness"

Penicillin the anti-biotic as arriving in the nick of time as they say.  Many allied lives saved during World War Two. Treatments prior to penicillin rather crude and ineffective.

"At first, penicillin was largely reserved for US and British military needs.  Later, it became available to US and British civilians, and soon after for general usage."

Correct. Until industrial production of penicillin "ramped-up" the wonder drug having to be rationed and quite so in an appropriate manner, allied military men first.

"But there was a  time window of several months in which American-produced penicillin was available for American wounded but not for French casualties. Fortunately, it happens that penicillin is rapidly excreted in urine.  It can be recovered.  Between January and April 1945, Rhône-Poulenc extracted penicillin from the urine of wounded American servicemen being treated in hospitals around Paris, penicillin which was then used to treat the wounded of the French Army.  They typically recovered about 100 doses from 300 liters [one liter equal about one U.S. quart] of urine."

Penicillin as obtained from urine of wounded American troops made available to the First French Army?

American servicemen to the rescue of the French and in a manner they could have hardly thought possible.


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