Thursday, August 23, 2018


This is coolbert:

ASW = Anti-submarine Warfare.

From a Sharkhunters HOT MAIL courtesy Harry:

Thanks to WIZARD.

"BEAR’S NEW ASW SMART BOMB. The Zagon-2 anti-submarine guided bomb is designed to destroy submarines that are on surface, periscope and underwater (at a depth of up to 600 meters or almost 2,000 feet) positions, and submarines lying on the ground in shallow and deep-sea areas. Its target detection range is up to 450 meters [1,400 feet]."


More bluster and boasting by the Russian?

Further as extracted from the wiki: "The S3V is an aerially deployed weapon, with a parachute system detached at the moment of splashdown. The sonar mounted in the nose is activated upon entering the water, searching for hostile submarines . . . The weapon is usually deployed by Tu-142, Il-38 and Ka-27 aircraft."

Seems the Zagon-2 is now and has been in the inventory [at least since 1992] for some time. An aerial-delivered ASW weapon, an air-dropped torpedo!

Not really new. And NOT really a super-weapon. OH I am glad of that!


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