Wednesday, August 1, 2018


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It had been hoped ever since the dissolution of the old Soviet Union such war-like language and boasting of military weaponry and prowess was a thing of the past. NO!

"Russia’s Doomsday Way of Diplomacy and War"

From the Dr. Rich Swier Internet web site the original article by Dr. Peter Pry.

"Vladimir Putin’s March 1, 2018, televised warning that Russia is developing new nuclear super-weapons — including POSEIDON, a doomsday machine with a 100-megaton TSAR warhead — may signify the world is closer to the nuclear brink than most in Washington think."

"Moscow has an affinity for doomsday weapons — and for revealing their existence in a crisis."

During that time of the Cold War [Soviet Union] the super-weapons or systems associated with the super-weapons to include: [not necessarily limited to]

* Tsar Bomba. The super-bomb. One-hundred megatons [100 MT]

* Dead Hand. Soviet/Russian Doomsday system.

* VRYAN. Soviet/Russian C3I nuclear-arsenal computer.

Those modern [Russian] super-weapons to include: [but I might think not necessarily limited to]

* Hypersonic air-launched missile. [Unstoppable/maneuverable]. Air-launched Stone SSM?]

[Might also be a Zircon anti-ship hypersonic missile?]

* Nuclear-powered torpedo with nuclear warhead [100 MT?]. [Poseidon]

* Nuclear powered cruise missile. [unlimited range/endurance]

* Satan-2 ICBM. [Two missiles can destroy all of Texas]

* Avangard hypersonic-maneuverable intercontinental atomic warhead delivery system.

Watch this You Tube video of the Avengard in action as might be the case if and when a nuclear exchange occurs between the United States and Russia. Avengard able to elude all known detection and anti-ballistic missile defense systems.


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