Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Far East.

This is coolbert:

The East is Red?

Russia is not only an European power, Russia is a Pacific power!

Thanks to the Internet web site War is Boring item:

"The Russian Military Is Neglecting Its Eastern Flank"

 "Arms buildup in the west, 'museum of antiques' in the east"

 “'It will be extremely difficult to resist the [U.S.] Air Force and the U.S. Navy and Japan, but this is not the worst [part],' adds the VPK article’s author, Alexander Khramchikhin of the Moscow-based Institute of Political and Military Analysis. 'It is much harder for parts on the mainland (from Lake Baikal to Vladivostok) to fight against the PLA, which has been radically updated over the last two decades.'”

PLA = People's Liberation Army. China! War between Russia and China? Russia and China share a contiguous border and are partners in the informal BRICS association. Conflict low on the totem pole of Russian and Chinese concerns. Or is it?

Lieutenants think tactics. Generals think logistics. An eternal of warfare? You have to watch the entire Binkov You Tube video. And thank you Binkov. Outstanding!. 2017 has become 2018 and the situation is more or less unchanging?

Surprisingly [?] according to the defector Suvorov the Soviet Union maintained during the Cold War  Fortification Troops on the border between the old Soviet China and Red China. Fortifications primarily of turrets and engines from antiquated T-10 tanks placed in below-ground concrete structures. Sorta like a Tobruk fortification from the Second World War. Spaces between emplacements replete with chemical mines. Fortification troops during time of war with China their mission to stall a Chinese PLA cross-border offensive. Temporal maximum results for minimal resources.


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