Tuesday, August 28, 2018


This is coolbert:

"You gonna burn!!"

Flame weapon Russian Bot!

"bot - - n. A software program that imitates the behavior of a human"

Even more correctly, an unmanned military robot, combat capable, software-controlled and able to emulate a human operator.

Russian battle-bot now combat tested [?] to include a flame weapon.

"Syria-tested Russian battle robot buffed with 12 flamethrowers (PHOTOS)"

"Russia’s Uran-9 battle bot, which was successfully tested on the Syrian battlefield, has been considerably beefed up, new photos reveal. The formidable vehicle has now been fitted with 12 anti-personnel flamethrowers."

Those flame weapons the Shmel-M.

"The RPO-A Shmel . . . is a man-portable rocket launcher . . . classified as a flamethrower by its manufacturer KBP."

Shmel analogous to the now no-longer existing and gone for some time American M202 Flame Assault Shoulder Weapon.

See this You Tube video a rather ancient demonstration the capability of the M202. It gives you some idea [?] of what the Shmel can do.Shmel having thermobaric warheads can do the job better?

American infantry NO longer having a weapon properly classified as a flame weapon? M202 last of dying breed. Flame weapons thought to be a diabolical weapon of war. Cause too much unnecessary suffering.

M202 as related to me an ineffective weapon anyhow at best!


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