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"Light Risk, Low Stakes, Little Return"

To war with pigeon! Columba. Resistance WW2 style!

Details of this successful British intelligence operation from the era of the Second World War not released to the general public UNTIL 2007!!

Courtesy the BBC History Magazine and the article by Gordon Corera:

"The pigeons' war on Hitler"

"describes and ingenious British operation to subvert Nazi rule in Europe - - using carrier birds [homing pigeons]"

Columba a World War Two intelligence mission, crates of homing pigeons as dropped on occupied Europe.

"birds . . . donated were placed in containers which then floated to the ground . . . beneath a parachute. On the outside of the container was an envelope with an questionnaire - - a plea for help from Britain . . . The aim was to gather intelligence from ordinary people living under Nazi occupation."

RESIST! Send us a message via carrier pigeon.

Examples of actual messages as sent from Nazi occupied Europe to England as from the BBC article:

"German troop movements are always at night . . . there is a large munitions dump at Herzelee 200 metres from the railway station. Yesterday a convoy of Horse Artillery passed towards Dunkirk via Bambecque and another to Hazebrouck. The Bosches [Germans] do not mention an invasion of England . . . the RAF have never bombed those parts they should come to bomb the brick works as the proprietor is a [traitor] . . . I await your return, I am and remain a Frenchman." - - ABCD34. April 1941.

"I would ask you my friends . . . to warn the population a few minutes before bombing because you kill many civilians who are your friends. Very few Germans get killed it is nearly always the civilians who suffer from your aircraft. If you circle before dropping your bombs, the population would have time to withdraw from the town, thus avoiding many French victims. you must spare your friends and kill the Germans. Please send us arms, rifles, revolvers and ammunition by parachute." - -  a French farmer.

The CIA document regarding Columba asserts the project producing scant results probably not even worth the effort.

As to: "light Risk, low Stakes, little Return" in lieu of anything better you go with what you got at that exact moment. Columba!


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