Thursday, August 16, 2018

USS Ling.

This is coolbert:

Invasion! Hackensack, New Jersey, USA under attack!

I fear this is not an isolated incident. At any rate, is not casual vandalism or theft. Is malicious and cruel and deliberate destruction of a war memorial with intent to hurt. How apropos within the context of a very recent blog entry.

"Hackensack submarine USS Ling apparently flooded intentionally, memorial plaques stolen"

"Armed with tools to cut through locks, they worked to open hatches on the 312-foot long, 2,500-ton behemoth, letting gallons of Hackensack River [New Jersey] water rush into the vessel. These vandals knew the inner workings of the historic ship, it seems, even opening hatches to the bilges, the lowest compartments of the submarine."

Again, I fear this is not going to be an isolated incident and we have not heard the final word with regard to this matter.

This was not about stealing the plaques for the scrap metal value or just mere childish vandalism. These perpetrators seemed to know quite well what they were doing and were able to maximize their damage, even irrevocably?

See that entire list of American submarines as museum/memorial exhibits.

Forewarned is forearmed! Curators and security enhance your safeguards appropriately and now!!


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