Monday, February 12, 2018

UAV Iran I.

This is coolbert:

More on the shoot-down of the Iranian drone intruding into Israeli airspace. Events as followed consider as a warning of things to come.

Thanks to Freeper and the original story at Front Page:

"Shadow War Between Iran And Israel Erupts Into Open Warfare-obliterates Syrian, Iranian targets"

"Israel obliterates Syrian and Iranian targets following brazen UAV intrusion."

The plot thickens and the game is afoot as they say.

An unfolding even with dire consequences for all if the situation gets out of hand.

That sequence of events in chronological order to include:

1. Iranian drone intrudes into Israeli air space and is shot down.

2. Israeli jets attack the drone control apparatus.

3. Syrian surface-to-air-missiles [SAM] shoot down an Israeli F-16.

4. Israeli Air Force [IAF] in force and with robustness attack a whole series of Syrian military targets.

Hardly can any of this said to be over.

Updates as they occur. Standby.


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