Friday, February 16, 2018

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Came across this quite by accident. As presented for your edification.

"Joshua Chamberlain's Leadership Lessons"

The greatest soldier the United States ever produced? A professor of rhetoric and a gentleman of the highest order? See the CV of Chamberlain military and civilian both here. Lessons regarding leadership in any sphere of endeavor to include:

    * Move From Thought to Action.

    "Thought indeed was required, but the meaning was action."
    Avoid paralysis by analysis.

    * Set the Example.

    "A command is likely to be what its commander is."
    A team reflects its leadership in all respects, from the top down.

    * Employ ALL resources.

     "We were handled in piecemeal, on toasting forks."
    Don't hold back...apply full effort and complete the job.

    * Get Everyone Involved.

    "In forming for a great fight, it is not regarded as a very special favor
      to be held in reserve. Emphasize the stake of individuals in the group's
      efforts, then send them to work.

    * Elicit Full Potential.

    "Great crisis in human affairs calls out the great in men."
    Identify and mentor your talent; seed quality in your organization.

    * Let Heroes Emerge.

    "In great deeds something abides. On great fields something stays.
    Give subordinates the opportunity to excel, and recognize their value."

See also for free:   Full text of "Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun PDF Book"

Testimonials to the text quite profound!!

Leadership secrets as are germane to the military and civilian both? Can this be possible. The military is normally concerned only with killing people and breaking things. Leading people however, those techniques and methods that guarantee success universal however?

You the devoted reader to the blog must decide for yourself.


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