Sunday, February 11, 2018

F-16 Syria.

This is coolbert:

Flash message. For immediate viewing by all devoted readers to the blog!

From the INA and the story by Joel Leyden thanks to the tip from Freeper.

"Iran Attacks Israel With Drone, Syria Shoots Down F-16"

"Israel — February 10, 2018 … Iran attacked Israel with an armed drone as it entered the skies over Northern Israel. The Israel Defense Forces responded by shooting the drone down and targeting the Iranian drone control station in Syria. Israeli civilians then came under fire by Syrian and Iranian rockets which resulted in Israel dispatching several fighter jets to destroy the missile and anti-aircraft stations. One Israeli F-16 was shot down over Israel with both pilots ejecting"

Strike. Counter-strike. Counter-counter strike!

This will be a continuous on-going story and we are far from outta the woods yet?


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