Tuesday, February 6, 2018


This is coolbert:


1. Among those para-military DOSAAF sports as listed in the previous blog entry sport motorcycling.

DOSAAF participants indulge in sport motorcycling. Here from the Alamy image and thanks to same DOSAAF riders on the ice compete. This is the type of dangerous and rugged winter activity the Russian likes and excels in.

2. This additional para-military sport as indulged in by Russian DOSAAF enthusiast: Radio Orienteering - ARDF sport. Even now an international event quite popular with practitioners.

A combination of radio-electronics knowledge, cross-country running, orienteering [map reading and land navigation] at a competitive level. See the You Tube video regarding this sport.

 "Radio Orienteering also known as ARDF and 'Radio Foxhunting' is an amazing, adventurous, intellectual and physically demanding sport. The goal is to find hidden transmitters (also called 'foxes') in the forest as fast as possible by using only a direction finding receiver, a map, a compass and orienteering skills. ARDF (Amateur Radio Direction Finding) is a Chess Match on the Run!" A video very well done and with humor. Yes, those competitors are speaking Russian.

And the guy gets the girl too!

Devoted readers to the blog will be glad to know that I now know how to embed a You Tube video of interest in a blog entry. And we will all be the better for it too!


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